Eternal Sailormoon
I spent my teenage years making silly voices.

My friends & I wrote radioplays, dubbed anime, and auditioned for & got cast in many a production that never ever saw the light of day. The skills I learned during my years as an aspiring voice actress ultimately fueled my ability to write and record music, but besides that, there is almost nothing quite like the joy in voicing a character that you love!

My favorite role ever? Definitely the pretty sailor-suited soldier of love and justice, Sailormoon, and you can watch some scenes featuring me as Usagi if you’d like:

I voiced both Sugar and Saga from one of my favorite anime series, Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar, in one of my favorite scenes: “Because you are with me.” Among many other roles, I’ve also had the privilege of voicing Priss, my alter-ego (VA popstar and better half of the super sentai hero, VA 1) in the original sentai radioplay Chojin VA 1, Faen’are Val’Sullisinrune for the popular webcomic, Drowtales, and providing the singing voice of Kyo’nne Val’Illhardro from Drowtales and Lucia Nanami from Mermaid Melody Pitchi Pitchi Pitch. Some of these voice acting clips and others featuring me are available on YouTube. I can also be heard as Njola and Freya in Falskaar, a highly-anticipated Skyrim new lands mod which released in July 2013.

You can listen to my ancient voice demo reel (from 2004!) here. I’ll be making a new one someday soon. Yes. SoonTM.