I’m a classically-trained pianist, but these days much of my musical expression leans towards the singer-songwritery persuasion. I haven’t been good about recording/posting my own stuff (see also: perfectionism), but I’ve been recording/posting cover songs on the Internet since 2000, when I started voice acting as a hobby! Lately, my new love has been mashing up my love of cover songs & games like League of Legends into silly parodies, like Part of the League, yep, a Nami/The Little Mermaid mashup!

I’m also a first-generation member of Tsuki no Uta, a Sailormoon cover song group! Our songs are posted on YouTube, and you can follow our shenanigans on Facebook & Twitter.


Prissi & the Leaky Canoes (mini-album)
A collection of silly songs of life as a LiveJournal Support team member.

  1. Error Approving Schools
  2. Stock Answers
  3. Remember
  4. Blinkie’s Lullaby

Stories & Songs
A collection of songs & covers.