I’ll always be a frost mage at heart. Back before mage gameplay totally changed in World of Warcraft, there was nothing I loved more than to shatter my way to a Deep Freeze-Ice Lance-Ice Lance combo in all manners of PvP. Besides a good hard-fought win in 2s or 3s, there was little more satisfying than a good Warsong Gulch win — the type won by distraction and kiting and evading and sheeping and snaring and otherwise CC’ing healers off EFCs as opposed to raw damage output — like the 8v10 ranked win we somehow managed with just the two of us focusing the objectives. Don’t get me wrong, though — I don’t mind deleting people off the map with Glacial Spike crit burst in the new era of frost mage mechanics. One of our wedding giftcards was addressed to Mage x Priest. (For that matter, our wedding may or may not have been an enchanted forest reminiscent of Nordrassil.) These days, most of my gaming time is spent mastering frost mage-esque light-bending mage Lux, Lady of Luminosity in League of Legends.

I also adore adore adore the amazing graphical beauty that is Guild Wars 2, exploring Tyria with my gorgeous Elementalist, Shaelin. I also played a Jedi Sage in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

I love when free spells proc and can’t stand it when they go uncast. Sometimes this means pulling more mobs. I’m okay with this.