Vanellope von Schweetz

Sweet mother of monkey milk!

Oh sweet mother of monkey milk, did everything possible that could go wrong go wrong when I was crafting this costume! With another costume to finish for a very adorable 5-year-old Fluttershy, I didn’t have as much time for Vanellope as I’d have thought. And Vanellope had to be ready in time for Halloween at work. And then my attempt to save fabric ended in having to remake the lampshade skirt. And then I failed at spray painting tights. And then the water line outside broke, forcing us to shut the water line off the night I had to dye the sweatshirt I’d bought (which took forever to arrive, and was slightly tighter than I thought it would be…). Thankfully, I’d bought a backup at Kohl’s so it ended up decently.

I am proudest of the hair candy… which is mounted on velcro and velcroed into my hair. And when I was sitting and drinking boba, two random little girls came up and asked if I was Vanellope. They then proceeded to touch my hair a lot. It was totes adorable. <3 In continuing with my tradition of 80-90% completed costumes… I still have to find a way to do her tights (had originally wanted to sew stripes together, but didn’t have time) and actually dye the sweatshirt. For what it was, though, I’m happy. More photos: CosCom | Tumblr
Photographer: Renato Daluyen