Eternal Sailormoon

the day we were bound together, star by star
real justice, Sailormoon

After over twelve years of wishing and three years of active plotting, sewing, and dreaming (sometimes I’d go to sleep trying to unravel how best to do one thing or another)… my Seramyu Eternal Sailormoon is finally, finally complete! I think I’ve made at least two of everything by now and have enough discarded & reformulated parts to make another, hahahaha. I have always loved the musicals — and its campy, floofy, gloriously glittery costumes. It doesn’t get any brighter or more colorful than Eternal Sailormoon!

My favorite thing about this costume is the layers of metallic braid imported from Japan (at a dear price), which my husband lovingly purchased for me as a Christmas gift. Watching me twirl around, my skirt catching the light, he said, “Oh, it was so worth it.” It really was. ♥

More Photos: CosCom | Devianart | Tumblr
Photographer: Renato Daluyen

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