to love what I learn, and live what I sing every day.


Hi, I’m Prissi. I think in lyrics. I breathe in songs.

I’m an effervescent magical girl with a penchant for the iridescent and indulging in a variety of nerdy shenanigans spanning the scientific to the creative. By day (and sometimes night, and then day again), I’m a child neurologist-in-training at a busy children’s hospital in California. By whatever’s left, I’m a cosplayer, foodie, singer-songwriter, gamer, pianist, voice actress, princess, and general all-around nerd who loves spending time frolicking in an enchanted forest. I may also enjoy heartsplosion-ing people with a perfectly aimed Q-E-LASERRRRR a little too much.

I want to breathe in the moments that make life beautiful. I want to sparkle and I want to shine: let me be your star. ♥